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September 29, 2017

Welcome to what will soon be the greatest game site focused on 2D video games that the world has ever seen. Everything went terribly wrong when the internet got all slick and professional-looking. Social media, smartphone-friendly design, YouTubes, it's all just a blight on the land. People had things right on the internet in the mid-90s, then somehow people lost their way.

This beacon of reason and uncompromising taste shall set forth on a journey to make things right once more. Simple color schemes that really pop off the screen such that visitors can't help but notice. Tiny screenshots of the games covered here. No thought whatsoever to the possibility that someone may be trying to read articles from a mobile phone. The internet the way it was meant to be viewed.

Of course, this is also a video game review site, not just a bold statement against all that is wrong with the internet. With that, I shall be spending my time talking about games in the style I like most: 2D. Sure, 3D has its charms, but I've always had a soft spot for pixels and hand drawn art. It's an aesthetic that I just can't say no to. Most of the games discussed will be fairly recent ones that embrace this style, but I will also revisit classics from the past, as a lot of those can be pretty great too.

So, if you've somehow made it through this pile of haphazardly cobbled together text, like what you read, and want to join me on this crusade, be sure to bookmark the Game Bungalow. Great things will be happening.

- Oloneise

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